Forum Announcement: MPH Rules and Regulations
08-17-2015, 12:16 PM,
MPH Rules and Regulations
Mirage Pilipinas is the only Mitsubishi Mirage organization in the country. Started January 2013, the club has over three thousand forum members composed of owners and enthusiasts of the Mirage.


To be known as the most prominent Mirage organization that would act as a support group for Mirage owners and first-time car owners alike, and would consequently generate a culture of camaraderie and respect among members.


As a relatively new organization, the group wishes to inspire and motivate members to actively participate in the group’s events such as gatherings, meetups, car shows, car displays, and the like. And with active members, we would now be able to give back to the car community by setting up events with themes aligned with:

• Promoting driving safety, defensive driving, and basic automotive know-how for new drivers.
• Inspiring speed aficionados & discouraging street racing through yearly track days.
• Interacting with fellow car enthusiasts in other groups through joint meet-ups.
• Increasing solidarity within the group through fun runs.
• And showing our concern for our fellow Filipinos by supporting various foundations requiring our assistance.

Newbies are required to:
1. Understand the rules and regulations of MPH
2. Post at the introduction thread

Sellers (who cannot attain an Official Member Status) are required to:
1. Post at the seller's introduction thread
2. Pay a sponsorship fee of P10,000

1. All Mitsubishi Mirage models are welcome regardless of year
2. Must have a valid/registered account at the forum (
3. Must be able to attend either:
a. 3 Grand Gatherings;
b. 2 Grand Gatherings and 3 Meetups;
c. FOR REGIONAL members: attend 4 Meet Ups of your official area crew
(for more info on area crews head on to:
4. Club fund donations of P50 per Grand Gathering or Meet Up may be collected. The P50 or more donation collected during the MPH events are not mandatory. If you do not feel the need to pay then the club or its members will not hold it against you. This goes for all types of members, from lurkers, newbies, to official members.
5. Once a member sells his / her Mirage, he/she may still be a member if he/she chooses and if voted by the council as an honorary member.

For the Regional members without area crews only: An alternative to the attendance membership process is to donate P1000 valid for 1 year for those who aren't able to attend gatherings or meetups due to work, family, or proximity. You may contact @TristanTatum or @keight for the payment.

MPH stickers:
- distribution during Grand Gatherings or Meetups, kindly coordinate with the respective Area Crew Captains.
- P150 for the official MPH OM sticker with URL / JDM / MPH Badge
- P400 for the MPH visor script

MPH Officers:

President - Archie Corpuz (@Itim)
Vice President - Tatum Penaredondo (@TristanTatum)
Secretary - Kate Avila (@keight)

Official Area Crews:

For the list of Area Crew Captains please see the link below:


Crew Captain's Responsibilities:
1. Welcome new MPH members in their respective Area Crew
2. Take charge during their Meet Ups and be responsible for their Area during Grand Gatherings.

Forum & Facebook rules:
1. Strictly no text speak and all caps.
2. Treat each other members with respect, if you have nothing good to say/contribute, please refrain from posting unnecessary comments.
-> No bashing / trolling
3. 'For Sale' ads are for OM members only unless the seller would pay a sponsorship fee of P10,000.
4. DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that MPH will not be held responsible for any sales transactions made in FB group or FS thread.
5. Please refrain from Out of topic posts & thread hijacking (leading the original thread to a different topic altogether).

1st offense: Warning through PM.
2nd offense: Suspended account (forum) & public posting of offense (FB Group).
3rd offense: Banning from both the FB page, groups and the MPH forum.

Offenses may last from 6-12 months.

Limit posts in FB Group to:
Urgent matters (Grand Gatherings, Meet Up schedules, tech questions requiring immediate attention), pictures, for sale for Official members. All other posts Non-Related Or Out Of topic would be deleted ASAP No questions asked.